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Tattoo uk, at tattoo uk we show you some popular tattoo designs, tattoo uk shows different types of tattoos, tattoo uk tells about tribal tattoos and why girls have a tattoo, also the removal of tattoos. We hope you find tattoo uk informative and helpful.
  A tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on your skin with pigments of ink inserted through a needle into the skin's top layer. To create the tattoo a needle is connected to a tube which is connected to a machine with various coloured dyes that and punctures the skin - it resembles the action of a sewing machine. With every puncture, the needle inserts tiny drops of ink . This process, which may last up to several hours for a large tattoo, causes a small amount of bleeding and minor pain.
  Tattoos are obviously very popular, and complications are normally very uncommon, but the tattoo does pierce your skin so infections and other skin reactions are possible. Your tattoo artist should provide you with detailed instructions on how to look after your tattoo - this includes cleaning the tattoo with soap and water, putting moisturiser on regularly and avoiding sun exposure for at least the first few weeks. Tattoos may take up to several days to heal. Don't pick at scabs, which increases the risk of infection and can damage the design and cause scarring.

  If you're considering a tattoo you should understand that it is rare that there is a problem but occasionally problems do arise. Have your tattoo done correctly by a registered tattoo artist and afterwards take proper care of the tattoo to reduce the risks of any infection. Make sure your not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when deciding to get a tattoo. A tattoo is permanent and requires careful and clear thinking so it doesn't become a source of regret.

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